Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sebastian and Michael- two peas in a pod

Sebastian Loeb won his seventh World Rally Championship today, with a win in front of his home fans in France allowing him to defeat his nearest rival, fellow Citroen driver (and Frenchman) Sebastian Ogier.

Much as the feat has to be applauded- it's quite clear now Loeb is already the best driver ever to grace the WRC in terms of championships and wins- it's quite easy to draw some obvious comparisons with Michael Schumacher's titles in F1.

There is the undying loyalty to his team throughout his career (just don't mention what Schumacher did next, though). There is the sense of a lack of competiton, that Loeb made it look easy all the time, when in fact there were many other drivers snapping at his heels, many other GOOD drivers. And, most importantly of all, there was the ability to win when it was needed, when it mattered, and across all types of terrain and through all manner of ways.

Sadly, the comparisons can also stretch to the accusations that the WRC has merely became Seb Loeb's plaything, just like F1 was Schumacher's plaything in the 90s. It is clear to see how the sport has suffered too, with a lack of satisfactory opposition to the Citroens and Fords turning the WRC into a shadow of its former self.

Nevertheless, to win seven titles at any sport is something that must be applauded- and to win them all back to back is even more so. Congratulations to Sebastian Loeb, and Citroen, and good luck on making it number 8 in 2011!