Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tell us something we don't know, Luca

Ferrari president Luca De Montezemolo has urged Felipe Massa to help out Fernando Alonso in his title bid:

"I have waited for Felipe with great perseverance in the last four races. I want a strong Massa who will shave points off the rivals. In Singapore he had some bad luck, but he is in good condition to win. Those who race for Ferrari don't race for themselves, but for the Ferrari team colours. One who wants to race for himself will have to face his team."

Hmmm, thought he'd done that already.

No surprise there though. The question being: with that in mind, how much do they want from Massa? Second places behind Alonso at every race? Holding the Maccas and Red Bulls behind at all costs? Taking himself out while in good positions to help his team-mate?

The problem being, Massa has done this so many times already he deserves some sort of award for a patience being worn thinner every race, and for allowing his importance in the team to diminish to a pinprick, so much so that even the top brass know the right moment to tell him when to play the team game. First Schumacher, then Raikkonen, now Alonso.

Almost makes you sad he didn't win the title in 2008. (Although that would mean we never got this...)

PS: I make no apologies for using a crappy quality clip with German commentary. It was better than having a clip of James Allen and Martin Brundle creaming themselves simultaneously.

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  1. That looks awesome. I would totally want one of those in my house.